Our Services

Design Development

When you first hire our team, Nyikos Associates, Inc. will evaluate your current kitchen and service area setup and take an inventory of the existing kitchen equipment, if applicable. We find and develop alternative solutions for your space and make recommendations.  Our team members will guide you throughout the design process from the beginning to the end.

Food Systems Development & Analysis

We will come up with square footage requirements for your kitchen and service area, including spatial relationships between equipment. Our team of designers can create a detailed commercial kitchen or cafeteria plan. Our consultants create preliminary budgets and a preliminary utility load estimate for all the equipment you’ll need. We also provide equipment cut-sheet manuals for everything, including operations manuals.

Bid Preparations and Recommendations

Any equipment installed in your foodservice area will come with general contract conditions and detailed item specifications. We’ll also provide details for custom fabricated equipment.

Construction Documents

Before you start work, you’ll need our equipment layouts and rough-in and connection plans for all of the utilities, including gas, electric, and plumbing. Building condition and ventilation plans help with the placement of large kitchen equipment. We will aslo come up with an equipment schedule and refrigeration plans.

Planning & Schematics

We act as your consultant and go-between throughout the project duration. Our staff can:

  • Coordinate with the Health Department
  • Manage Special Construction Details
  • Hold Foodservice Drawing Reviews
  • Prepare & Evaluate Bid Documents
  • Make Contract Award Recommendations
  • Create Fabrication Shop Drawing Reviews
  • Write Design & Equipment Submission Reviews
  • Supervise Equipment Contractors
  • Inspect & Accept Installation
  • Suggest Interior Finishes

Post-Contract Services

We are happy to go the extra mile to help our clients achieve the best possible end product, and will work with you personally to achieve your goals.